Monday, June 25, 2007

Finding Nimmo

A friend of mine who is 30 touching but in his words still most eligible bachelor in his colony has lately developed a strange habit. Whenever he sees a temple (and is difficult to reach), the first expression from him is:
Chalo yaar madir chalkar, "sawa rupee" ka parsad chadate hai. Bhagwanji se ek "hot babe" ki request karni hai.
[Lets go to the temple and make our offerings to god with 1.25 Rs and ask for a hot babe]

I could not resist myself long enough and had to tell him this one day:
Aree "sawa rupee" mein hot babe to chhod, hot babe ka wallpaper bhi nahin de payenge tere bhagwanji.
[U can't even get a wallpaper of hot-babe in 1.25 Rs]

I wish him best of luck in his search of Nimmo :)

Title credits: Thakkar.